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The vision of the Department of Architecture at Daffodil International University (DIU) is to nurture graduates in developing a deep and thorough knowledge of the subject which they can use effectively and imaginatively in their practical work. We aim to foster sensitivity and aesthetic appreciation of architectural styles, art and design and critical thinking which will influence our graduates in their own work. We are committed to making leaders in the field of architecture and, so, changing the future of urban society in Bangladesh and further afield in terms of design and sustainability. It is our aim to develop ethical professionals who will create employment and opportunities for others, rather than depend on the market for jobs.


The Department of Architecture at DIU has a very wide-ranging mission. Through the recruitment of highly qualified and experienced staff, we aim to inspire our students to develop not only the technical know-how to become professional architects or build on their artistic appreciation to improve their own designs but also to instill in them a passion for architecture and dedication in improving the lives of Bangladeshi and global citizens through innovative and sustainable design that will intrigue and stimulate. We also work to help our students develop soft skills and English language proficiency so that they can effectively communicate their vision of design. For this to happen, they should also be inspired to keep abreast of global initiatives and innovations so that they can both take and contribute ideas to the architectural community worldwide.


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