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The courses in the Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree programme in the University are laid out in a manner steadily to prepare in 5 years professionals who will be innovative and sensitive towards context, technically sound and fruitfully manage and develop architecture in Bangladesh.

Studio / Practical / Sessional Courses are even numbered while theory courses are odd numbered. Credits assigned for theory courses are shown before colons while credits for Studio / Practical / Sessional courses are shown after colons for easy identification (Theory: Practical). Also note that each credit of theory course is equal to one contact hour and each credit of practical course is equal to two contact hours. The first digit of the course number represents the academic year while the subsequent two digits are assigned to courses. The alphabetical code at the beginning of the course number represents the course offering discipline / department that is, ARCH for Architecture; CE for Civil Engineering; HUM for Humanities; MGT for Management course and so on.

Semesters: Spring (January-June), Summer (July-August)


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