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To qualify for a B.Arch. degree, one has to earn 194 credits in a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 8 years in a semester system. Recommended courses for each year and semester are shown in the course layout, but students are allowed to register for courses each semester as per the University’s general rules and regulations. Elective courses are available most semesters. Certain courses may have prerequisite courses.

As per universal architecture accreditation norms, out of 194 credits, 110 are assigned to sessional and 84 to theory courses, i.e. 56.7%: 43.3% in favour of sessionals. To meet the same standards, more than 20% of the courses are in the liberal arts category. 168 credits are assigned to core courses while 24 are for elective courses. The break-up of credit requirements to pass a year and go on to the next is as follows:


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