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One of the best teacher-student ratios and student space ratios prevails in DIU, which is vital for architectural education and recommended by international bodies like ARCASIA, CAA and UIA, making the architecture program at DIU acceptable at international levels.

Some of the most senior and best-known members of faculty of BUET and from the profession are associated with the Architecture program of DIU.

The Department facilitates studio based education in well-furnished, spacious, air-conditioned spaces with ample natural lighting, besides being equipped with multimedia facilities.

Well-equipped library and computer laboratories are continuously updated and upgraded.

The Department encourages students to exhibit their work throughout the campus.

Here the Department recognizes the evolutionary nature of architectural education and constantly updates and refines its curriculum to suit the needs of today.

Extra-curricular activities are encouraged.

The Department hosts need-based field trips and practical hands-on experience is encouraged. Hands-on skill development for in-depth understanding of the basic skills is required for architectural practice. Welding and carpentry workshops on the permanent campus have been introduced to give students up-to-date and detailed knowledge of construction techniques.

Studio education is oriented toward real world architectural practice to prepare students for the profession right from the day of graduation.

Students have the opportunity to earn while learning.

Architecture graduates are all well placed in the professional field. There are more than enough job opportunities in the field.

Students with good educational track records receive different incentives including financial waivers.

Deserving students receive financial support from DIU.

Last but not the least, the program is recognized by the Government of Bangladesh and UGC.


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