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The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree under the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering in the university is a fully accredited (UGC accredited) professional degree similar to one popular all over the world. As per universal architecture accreditation norms, out of 194 credits, 110 credit is assigned to sessional and 84 credits to theory courses i.e. 56.7%: 43.3% in favor of sessional.

This department is completely different from other departments due to its way of teaching. The sessional classes are termed as ‘Design Studio’ where each student has a drafting table and locker to work on. Due to emphasis on sessional courses, students spend most of the time in this studio, which actually becomes their most favorite place. The department ensures the environment that also encourages them to be active, spontaneous and hard working. The design process is a continuous development of ideas which is not confined during the class hour only. Sometimes they stay very late at the studio for their design project under teachers monitoring from time to time.

Beside the regular courses the department feel it highly important to get students familiar with other branches of knowledge. So the department organizes lectures, seminar and workshops on regular basis. The department has inaugurated Lecture series to share ideas and thought with the students. The department is moving toward a vibrant environment to become in a leading position in the field of Architecture education.

Exhibition is an inspiration to the students where the best projects are showcased to the public. The department aims to organize year end exhibition which will project the best ideas of every design studio. This event will becomes a meeting place of architects and professionals. Students will share their ideas with them as well as stay in touch with the professionals.



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